Werewolves Diplomacy : A Variant

By Jeremie Lefrancois

This is an adaptation (an attempt) of famous French game « Les loups garoux de Thiercelleux » It was inspired by the article Dots of the Dead: A Zombie Apocalypse Variant by Chris Sham which appeared in Diplomacy World #104.

This is an ordinary game of Diplomacy, but strange things happen at the council of European

leaders. Before the game starts, two players are secretly selected (randomly preferably) by the game master to be werewolves. Amongst the others, there are (secretly as well) a spy, a scientist, and a witch. The game master tells every player in private his or her status.

Presidential Election : Before game start, players must vote for a power to be President of the Union. There may be negotiations before the vote. The game master collects the votes. In case of a tie, the game master selects the president randomly. The details of the voting are kept secret, but the ultimate result is public so everyone knows who is elected President.

Werewolf Fright : At every adjustment adjudication, all werewolves secretly vote for a power to frighten. If there is unanimity on the power (they may negotiate on this issue at any time), the selected power goes into Civil Disorder (CD – all units hold) for the next whole diplomatic year. Any given power may not be frighten twice in a row (nothing happens the second time if the same power is selected twice in a row). Powers just turning werewolf have to be so for a full Diplomatic year before they can take part of the werewolf fright vote. Whenever a werewolf has voted for a werewolf power, the game master tells the player of his mistake (“Failed”) after having collected all the results, and the whole vote fails. (Note : This is the way the werewolves may positively identify themselves.) Whatever the result of the vote is, the game master does not give the information to the werewolves.

European Court : At every adjustment adjudication, all powers secretly vote for a power (presumably werewolf) to punish. The power with most votes is in CD for the next Spring (or Fall if the power was in CD the previous Fall adjudication). In case of a tie in the votes, the vote of the President makes the decision (only if the President’s vote is part of the tie, otherwise the vote fails.) The poll result is published before the negotiations for the next Spring start, so all players know exactly which the punished power is and when it will be in CD – this is the only case of a CD known in advance.

The Spy : This power uses “echelon” technology. Whenever this power builds, it may ask the game master to perform some spying. The game master then throws a single 6-sided die:

The President : This power has a bit of influence it may use at the European court – see the European court paragraph.

The Scientist: This power has built an atomic bomb. Whenever frightened by the werewolves, attacked by the witch, or punished by the European court, this power may choose another power to be in CD at the same time as itself (the scientist must always provide, with the orders, the power he would retaliate on if necessary). This may not be negated by the witch.

The Witch: This power uses black magic. Whenever this power builds, it may ask the game master to either:

So whenever the witch builds, the game master tells the witch player about all next expected CDs to happen. Then the witch tells the game master which power she wishes to use, but this information remains confidential – yet the witch may tell the other players or someone who is not the witch may pretend to be and do so to seed confusion.

Werewolf Contamination : Any werewolf that captures a home centre of a non werewolf (that was previously owned by its natural owner) contaminates the player. The game master immediately sends an email to the contaminated player to let him know of his terrible predicament, but this information remains confidential as well. The contaminated power becomes a werewolf, but as noted in the Fright rules, must wait a full Diplomatic year before being able to vote in the Werewolf Fright.

Retreats : Powers in CD for a move season are not in CD for the retreats, except when frightened by werewolves, in which case all their retreats are off-the-board.

Game stops : either when :

Scores : (werewolves score more if few, non werewolves score more if many)

Strategy : The first aim of the werewolves is to identify themselves to each other, and not be uncovered by the non werewolves. Then they must contaminate one or more players, identify and eliminate the spy and the witch before they can overrule Europe. The only aim of the non werewolves is to stop the werewolves and get as few contaminated or eliminated possible amongst themselves.

Having a go : A game will be run on www.stabbeurfou.org if the players are found. Contact me directly!