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There_can_be_only_one : Tournament

Holder of the trophee for the moment

Christian Reichardt

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2012-11-01 10:36:20 (GMT) : CREATING A GAME (TD only)
a.go to the tournament page
b use the button "create a game" and enter the game name
c enter game picture from GM interface
d put the players in and put jeremie lefrancois in the neutral position
e start the game
f put civil disorder for neutral position (just this time)
g remove jeremie lefrancois from the neutral position

Operations of the director

For the tournament director only.
Click on the indicator :
Tournament Director

Create a game or a team


The progress report of the tournament  Identities of the tournaments participants  Parameters of the games of the tournament  The mode of calculations of tournament points

List of people affiliated to the tournament  Go to your registration page to join this tournament  History of the players and Game Masters  Players in more than one game  Geopolitic of the tournament


Tournament Director :   Angie CERVONE (duel_director)

All games : 1CaptAhabVsMobyDick\ 1CusterVsCrazyHorse\ 1DavidVsGoliath\ 1Friendly_JimVsAngelo\ 1HannibalVsScipio\ 1LeeVsGrant\ 1LeonidasVsXerxes\ 1MarioVsLuigi\ 1NapoleonVsWellington\ 1PattonVsRommel\ 1RichardLionheartVsSaladin\ 1SherlockHolmesVsProfMoriarty\ 1StarkVsLannister\ 1TestMatch_A\ 1TestMatch_B\ 1WashingtonVsCornwallis\ 1YamamotoVsMacArthur\ 2BurrVsHamilton\ 2CaptAhabVsMobyDick\ 2CusterVsCrazyHorse\ 2DantesVsMondego\ 2DArtagnanVsDeBergerac\ 2DarthVaderVsChenobi\ 2DavidvsGoliath\ 2DeschainVsRedKing\ 2EarpVsRingo\ 2Friendly_JimVsAngelo\ 2HamletVsLaertes\ 2HandelVsMattheson\ 2HickockVsTutt\ 2JacksonVsDickinson\ 2JohnsonVsSpenser\ 2LeeVsGrant\ 2LeonidasVsXerxes\ 2MacLeodVsKurgan\ 2ManetVsDuranty\ 2MarioVsLuigi\ 2MontoyaVsRugen\ 2MusashiVsKojiro\ 2NapoleonVsWellington\ 2PattonVsRommel\ 2ProustVsLorrain\ 2RichardLionheartVsSaladin\ 2SherlockHolmesVsProfMoriarty\ 2StarkVsLannister\ 2TestMatch_A\ 2TestMatch_B\ 2WashingtonVsCornwallis\ 2YamamotoVsMacArthur\ 3BurrVsHamilton\ 3Friendly_JimVsAngelo\ 3HickockVsTutt\ 3JacksonVsDickinson\ 3JohnsonVsSpenser\ 3ManetVsDuranty\ 3NapoleonVsWellington\ 3PattonVsRommel\ 3RichardLionheartVsSaladin\ 3SherlockHolmesVsProfMoriarty\ 3StarkVsLannister\ 3_NapoleonVsWellington\ BurrVsHamilton\ DantesVsMondego\ DArtagnanVsDeBergerac\ DarthVaderVsChenobi\ DeschainVsRedKing\ EarpVsRingo\ Friendly_YamamotoVsMacArthur\ HamletVsLaertes\ HandelVsMattheson\ HickockVsTutt\ JacksonVsDickinson\ JohnsonVsSpenser\ MacLeodVsKurgan\ ManetVsDuranty\ MontoyaVsRugen\ MusashiVsKojiro\ ProustVsLorrain\

Dedicated forum : Forum of tournament There_can_be_only_one  2013-12-17 03:10:39

Dedicated FAQ : FAQ of tournament There_can_be_only_one  Players' end of game statements


This is an duel tournament

In this tournament only director may create games

In this tournament only director create teams

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