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Brian Dennehy

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2014-02-11 14:57:32 (GMT) : Welcome to the Steadfastness 300 Invitational - Part Deux !

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Tournament Director :   Pete MARINARO (Pete)

All games : Alekhine\ Anand\ Anderssen\ Berra\ Botvinnik\ Boyer\ Bronx_Bombers\ Capablanca\ Chambliss\ Collins\ Combs\ Deep_Blue\ Dent\ Duggan\ Euwe\ Fischer\ Ford\ Gehrig\ Howard\ Hoyt\ Jackson\ Karpov\ Kasparov\ Koenig\ Korchnoi\ Kubek\ Lasker\ Lazzeri\ Lopez\ Mantle\ Maris\ Meusel\ Morphy\ Munson\ Nettles\ Petrosian\ Philidor\ Piniella\ Polgar\ Randolph\ Richardson\ Rivers\ Ruth\ Skowron\ Spassky\ Steinitz\ Tal\ White\

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In this tournament only director may create games

In this tournament only director create teams

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