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Come_here : Delays of players in the game


The dark grey list

Player's orders were missing at deadline (NMR)

As they happened :

Role Player Team Delays in the game
EnglandJérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine)Players of England
FranceDavid DARLING (NOOB)Players of France2012-05-02
GermanyTjeerd BOVEN (tealover)Players of Germany
ItalyJean-François MOUGARD (Grasmou)Players of Italy2012-03-27
AustriaRobert RATTLEY (RRattley)Players of Austria
RussiaKirill KUZNETSOV (kyrill2309)Players of Russia2012-03-20
TurkeyMelinda HOLLEY (mah)Players of Turkey

Civil disorders in the game

Interventions of captains in the game

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