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Austrian_Wonders : Replacements on the tournament


Date and time Game Country Joining Leaving team
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:04:18StephansdomTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:03:04SchonbrunnTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:01:34SchlossbergAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:01:34SchlossbergFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:01:34SchlossbergItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 01:01:34SchlossbergRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:01:34SchlossbergTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:01:33SchlossbergGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:01:33SchlossbergEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:00:37Melk_AbbeyRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 01:00:37Melk_AbbeyTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 01:00:36Melk_AbbeyGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 01:00:36Melk_AbbeyEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 01:00:36Melk_AbbeyAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 01:00:36Melk_AbbeyFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 01:00:36Melk_AbbeyItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 00:59:23HofburgTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgAustria    Players of Austria
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 00:57:22Fortress_HohensalzburgTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 00:55:52Belvedere_PalaceFrance    Players of France
2013-02-16 00:55:52Belvedere_PalaceItaly    Players of Italy
2013-02-16 00:55:52Belvedere_PalaceRussia    Players of Russia
2013-02-16 00:55:52Belvedere_PalaceTurkey    Players of Turkey
2013-02-16 00:55:51Belvedere_PalaceGermany    Players of Germany
2013-02-16 00:55:51Belvedere_PalaceEngland    Players of England
2013-02-16 00:55:51Belvedere_PalaceAustria    Players of Austria

Number of times a player or GM has been changed : 49

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