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Amen : Replacements on the game


Date and time Country Joining Leaving
2014-06-05 04:49:29EnglandNobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)Amele MDJEBEUR (Aimelou)
2014-02-14 18:37:23Game MasterValérie VIOLETTE (Valouchka)Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))
2014-01-31 08:18:34ItalyKevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-30 21:22:36EnglandAmele MDJEBEUR (Aimelou)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-30 06:46:49GermanyVincent MANU (Sandokan)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-29 14:31:39TurkeyTom DAY (Tommyday)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-28 23:07:39RussiaPierre KOTSCHOUBEY (pierrekot)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-28 08:10:23AustriaJacques MORARD (JAM)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)
2014-01-28 06:39:28FranceYves GAUDIN (Yves)Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody)

Number of times a player or GM has been changed : 9

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