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Warriors_of_the_Seine : Game

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News of the game

2018-03-22 02:11:50 (GMT) : So... The roster is looking like it’s going to be myself, Brandon, Robbie, and Jessica Carr, Dominic Vona, and Mason Wales, and Micah if she chooses to join.

I would like to make it known that this game should not reflect reality, and I would like everyone to act as though they do not know anyone else so that you only make decisions based on what is most advantageous, not based on someone being your best friend or killing them because they’re your sibling. Finally, please don’t let any betrayals, misdirection, or lies hit on a personal level. This being said, don’t just go around betraying everyone. This game is based partially off of them, but is also built to a large degree off of cooperation, and if you betray everyone who tries to befriend you, it’ll be you against the world.

Tactical operations (for players)

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Players :     
Robbie CARR (Blizz)
Dominick VONA (Dom)
Brandon CARR (Fortis)
Alex WALES (Yellowjacket)
Jessica CARR (Fireheart)
Matthew PALMER (Tactical_geek)

Game Master :   Michael PALMER (Tac_Master)    Creator :   Michael PALMER (Tac_Master)

Tournament :   Private_games

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History and parameters of the game

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