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Sites related to tournaments here

The Interzines

Interzines official website
To visit the site (in French)

Buy the game

In order to buy the game:
  • Amazon Look for : " diplomacy board game "

Useful stuff

These sites freely propose ressources compulsory for a good diplomat.

Tools that may come handy

  • La poste To create for oneself a traditional email address (in French) (capacity 10Mo).
  • Google mail To create for oneself an email address with easy web access (capacity not limited).
  • Yahoo To create a mailing list for one's team or a council.
  • MSN To set up a real time mean of communication (for the fiercest).
  • Google tools To translate a text (a bit tricky yet for diplomatic negociations).
  • WorldClock To know at anytime the GMT time, or the time of your interlocutor at the other end of the world.
  • Q++ studio To know the bank holidays of your interlocutor at the other end of the world.
  • Free Reminder The site that provides a reminder as an email for the deadline (for instance).
  • Dnsstuff The site to check a dubious message, a virus or a spam (or negociations !).
  • Panda An antivirus provider among many others, but with this advantage : a free online scan of your PC for viruses from Panda.

Sites of information about using the Internet

  • secuser The site to learn many things about threats related to Internet.

Sites related to Diplomacy on the web

Name : 18 centres !
Type : Online engine
Country : France
Comment : Factory of Diplomacy players (in French)
Link : http://www.18centres.com

Name : Diplomatie Online
Type : Online engine
Country : France
Comment : Factory of Diplomacy players (in French)
Link : http://www.diplomatie-online.net/

Name : EDA Site
Type : Results and annoucements of tournaments
Country : European Union
Comment : Site where Laurent Joly gathers Diplomacy results... very impressing !
Link : http://eurodip.nuxit.net/php/commun/index.php

Name : ALB & GSB
Type : Nice site that has a number of articles and stats for Diplomacy
Country : United Kingdom
Comment : A site that has a number of articles and stats for Diplomacy games plus it being the host for 'Admiral' Gunboat Competition.

Link : http://www.alb-gsb.com/diplomacy/diplomacy.htm

Name : webdiplomacy
Type : Online engine
Country : Australia
Comment : Template to create a site in php for Diplomacy (and site to play)
Link : http://webdiplomacy.net/

Name : DpJudge
Type : Online engine
Country : United States
Comment : Factory of Diplomacy players.
Linked to the pouch.
The first to do it ?

Link : http://www.floc.net/dpjudge/

Name : Bounced
Type : Online engine
Country : Country not found !
Comment : Factory of Diplomacy players
Identities hidden.

Link : http://www.dipbounced.com/

Name : PlayDiplomacy
Type : Online engine
Country : Belgium
Comment : Some call it "paydiplomacy" since it seems the site owner has paid a lot of money to get the site running and may ask money from site players.
PlayDiplomacy believes (wrongly or not) itself to be the best site avaialble for Online Diplomacy.

Link : http://www.playdiplomacy.com/

Name : DANNZ site
Type : Results and annoucements of tournaments
Country : Australia
Comment : Site of Diplomacy in Oceania
Link : http://daanz.org.au/

Name : Bay Area Diplomacy
Type : Association of local players of Diplomacy
Country : United States
Comment : The Bay Area Diplomacy Association is Northern California's premier hobby group for supporting and playing the game Diplomacy.

Founded in 2002 by local Diplomacy enthusiasts, the group organizes monthly social Diplomacy games and runs three tournaments in the Bay Area each year. Diplomacy games have been hosted by local players all over the Bay Area, from San Francisco to Dublin to Santa Cruz, and our annual tournaments include Diplomacy events at the Pacificon and KublaCon gaming conventions as well as the stand-alone Whipping Diplomacy Tournament, a tradition since 2004. The Whipping is our premier annual tournament, and we host traveling players from all over the US and Canada.
For more information, please contact Adam Silverman.

Link : http://www.bayareadiplomacy.org/

Name : FROG
Type : French speaking electronic judge
Country : Canada
Comment : French speaking version of Diplomacy by "JUDGE" (that means automatic game mastering using email exchanges)
Link : http://diplomacy.born2play.org/frog/

Name : Not really diplomacy , only in French, but nice...
Type :
Country : France
(live action role playing)

Link : http://www.murder2000pro.com/

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