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Introduction to the site

What is this site

This site is mainly intended to play Diplomacy with automated adjudication. It hosts and has hosted multi language tournaments such as the Diplomacy World Cup. This site has all that it is necessary to play games of Diplomacy by teams (or not) similar to face to face (except that negiotiations are allowed at all time). It also provides tools for Diplomacy indepdantly of game happening on it.

You may obtain a temporary password to see how the game interface feels. With the password, you may play your chosen country in a game in progress.  Get a password to have a try at the interface interface

To get an idea, consult the FAQ of the site

Characteristics of this site

On this site, you can:
  • enter your orders by typing them as you would write them in a face to face game (or, alternatively, by clicking on the map with the mouse)
  • send email of negotiation directly in the internal mailbox of your game companion with easy reference to later on (or use a traditional mailto link),
  • play parametrable games, in duration, speed, condition of stop...
  • know exactly which player of which game was late, in civil disorder etc...
  • re-examine the entirety of the events of the game (in its log book), of successive positions etc…
  • subscribe as an observer to a game and be notified when the game advances,
  • secretly vote for game to stop as is...
  • vote for awards voted by players, best diplomat etc...
  • play anonymly gunboat games - players late have orders calculated by local AI,
  • directly question the engine on a set of orders not necessarly related to a game on the site,
  • post on forum of games (anonymously is so much fun).
  • [mult account are efficiently detected with IP]
Should any important event happen on a game, player receive a notification email

On this site, you will NOT found:

  • variants (except gunboat / blitz that is implemented),
  • (anonymity is not the norm except for gunboat games),
  • an overall ranking of players of the site.

Presentation of a tournament

A tournament is just a collection of several simultaneous games of Diplomacy. Thus, each team sends a commissary (representative) on several tables. In general a tournament gathers seven teams of seven players, but it is not mendatory. The players of the same team can help each other by providing tactical and strategic advice, typically on a mailing list. The tournament makes it possible to meet players of other communities to confront its manners of playing. The biggest question of the tournaments is the importance of 'Cross gaming', i.e. arrangements illogical locally on a table but logical with respect to several tables.

Advantages of a team tournament:

  • players are replaced within the team when they become unavailable,
  • captain may enter emergency orders for late players,

What can be done on this site ?

Submit orders and vote end of games automatically. Games are moderated, therefore a human person enclenches the adjudications when there is a civil disorder (otherwise automatic). Adjudications and orders check are performed by a very sophisticated software solver. Deadline extensions are performed by a human game master on player's request. There is an agenda so that players and GMs a aware of unavailibity of a player.

Matching in games is done either by the site administrator, either by the tournament director, either by the players themselves for games with access to all.

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