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Rick LEEDS (RickLeeds) A New DIp zine  
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2014-12-08 16:42:39 (GMT)
 I'm launching a new Dip zine called "The Velvet Glove". Unlike The Diplomatic Pouch" and "World Diplomacy", TVG is principally aimed at the online Dip hobby.

I am looking for articles on any of the following:
- I'm going to run a series of articles on playing each of the seven powers
- general articles on playing Dip
- articles linked to Dip but not actual play
- articles on Variants
- articles from people who've never written before.

I'm also looking for editors for various sections.

The website TVG will be published on is http://thevelvetglovecont.wix.com/the-velvet-glove

If you're interested in sending me anything or taking a role on the zine, you can see how to do it from the contact page.

Rick LEEDS (RickLeeds) ***  
4 messages
2014-12-08 16:42:00 (GMT)


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