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Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming)) differences ?  

56 messages
2014-03-05 18:35:49 (GMT)
 There are not so many differences. There is just a site that needs more automation to be put and more time to be spent on by me with administrative rights.

Jim missunderstood me : I agree to what he says (except he does not know perfectly how the site works but this is completely normal)

Jim TAYLOR (jamest) RE : ***  

21 messages
2014-03-03 16:00:12 (GMT)
 I regret to inform other members of this website that because of my dissatisfaction with Jeremie that i cannot continue to participate on this website. I advised him to remove me from any games I am currently involved in. I enjoy participating with most of the active players on this site. However, it is obvious to me that my differences with Jeremie are too much to overcome.


Jim Taylor

Jim TAYLOR (jamest) ***  

21 messages
2014-03-03 15:56:13 (GMT)



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