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Site help on writing the moves.....what do the letters ''H'' ''S'' ''C'' mean? : Forum


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Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody) RE : ***  
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2010-10-06 20:01:58 (GMT)
 Dear Sir!

I'm Ukrainian and got it how to work with this game interface. I think the Canadian guy will surely cope with such a problem: "H" or "S" or "C".


Jérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming)) RE : ***  

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2010-08-30 07:24:09 (GMT)
I am perhaps not a native English speaker, but I do speak properly English (I hope).
Dax is havnig problems understanding he must put either 'H' or '-' or 'S' or 'C'.
Dax has played before on the site, and nothing has changed, and there are many people here playing with no problem, so I think Dax should fix his ideas first, and we should help him.
Besides, if you feel the site is too complicated of the site has english mistakes, please be constructive and send me a private message about it.
You are true to say this site if for more experienced players than playdiplomacy.
best (and thanks fro your help)

Bill LAFOSSE (wildwilly) RE : ***  
5 messages
2010-08-24 03:31:05 (GMT)
 H means hold
S means support
c means convoy

You are on the wrong site if you don't know this. try "playdiplomacy.com" they have beginners games.
This site is so complicated, it appears to run by a frenchman only knows english via a dictionary.


Nobody SITE ADMINISTRATOR (nobody) ***  
396 messages
2010-08-23 15:52:51 (GMT)



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