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WAG_Does_Diplomacy : Civil disorders of the players of the game


The black list

Adjudication took place without player\'s orders (CD)

As they happened :

Role Player Team Civil disorders in the game Last consecutive civil disorders on movements
EnglandBrent ARNOLD (brent)Players of England2017-05-07
FrancePaul CONROD (Paul)Players of France
GermanyBart SOROKA (Bartrich Sorhelm)Players of Germany
ItalyMaxime CHAMBERS-DUMONT (Maxime)Players of Italy2017-03-06
AustriaDavid CAUGHEY (Technocrat)Players of Austria
RussiaAndrew RALPH (ComradeLenin)Players of Russia
TurkeyMichael COADY (Poppawheelee)Players of Turkey2017-03-29

Delays in the game

Interventions of captains in the game

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