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Hestia : Players' end of game statements











Playing Austria, a draw is as good as winning with most other countries, so v pleased with that. Well done Italy and France for acting quickly to stall England. (But surely a little harsh to kill poor France I thought, Italy?)

Sorry Turkey, nothing personal but we couldn't fight an enemy in the East as well. Now, if you'd shown a willingness to co-operate then maybe you could have been spared, but the truth is we needed your centres to have more units at the Western Front. Great teamwork with Italy there, don't think we made a wrong move crushing the Turk.

And Russia....just in time! I really thought you were going to allow England to walk in under those fake offers of help. For about 3 years, you could have walked into StP unchallenged and then, who knows we might have turned the game around....

Finally to England, well done for accepting a draw and not prolonging the game!

Writing this without knowing who the players are, I am guessing that my regular adversary Tjeerd Boven may well have been my excellent Italian ally this time?





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