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Assisted cartography


Initial map

You may, instead of typing them, recover these information from a file from your hard disk
Provided that you took the trouble beforehand to download there the result of a preceding input…
Attention: You must carry out the retirements and adjustments manually by modifying the units
Codes to use :
International (Hasbro)French (Descartes)

Recover old map

Select your text file (less then 50Ko)

Input of elements

IMPORTANT : Write name of countries as titles.
Separate words by a space and one order per line
Game name :
Title of the map :
Season to play :
Year to play :
Deadline date :
German player :
English player :
Austrian player :
French player :
Italian player :
Russian player :
Turk player :
The units :
The centres :
The orders (to enter according to usual rules) :
Should an adjudication be performed (modifies units and centres) ?
Codes to use :
International (Hasbro)French (Descartes)
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