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2014-05-29 14:07:46 (GMT) : I have created a poll.
I am in doubt about the benefit of graffitis in gunboat (silent) games.

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Five last posts on the forums

2015-03-23 21:04:28 STEADFASTNESS 300 Part Deux Deep Blue Craig PURCELL (Craig)
2015-03-23 05:01:38 Online Diplomacy Championship RE : *** Eamon GAFFNEY (ghug)
2015-03-15 23:00:34 Holy_Emperor Welcome! James HARTSON (Kaiser)
2015-03-15 22:49:25 Holy_Emperor Welcome! James HARTSON (Kaiser)
2015-03-11 20:12:03 STEADFASTNESS 300 Part Deux RE : The final Pete MARINARO (Pete)

Adjudication or game interface test

If you have an adjudication question while playing a game, you may click 'Whatif with these orders', which is located directly above the order entry box in each game. A new window will open, showing current units for each player. You may enter hypothetical orders then click on 'Adjudicate this.' The site engine will show the adjudication result. You can try to trap the engine by submitting the most twisted cases which go through your head. This map has no units on it.    To discover this functionality
Date of latest adjudication bug corrected : 2009 07 03

You may obtain a temporary password to see how the game interface feels. With the password, you may play your chosen country in a game in progress.    To discover this functionality

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Board play events

Date : March 2014 (GMT)
Place : Stabbeurfou
Country : Country not found !
Name : Steadfastness 300 Part Deux!
Comment : The invitations have gone out and the games are being set up. If you did not get an invitation, but are interested in playing send me a note (through the site or email) and I will add you to the alternate list. Over a long tournament someone will need replacement and it will assure you an invite next year! Below is a list of player signed up -pete

Agamennone Enrico
Alexander Steve
Armour Jonathan
Birkhead Michael
Birsan Edi
Boven Reinout
Boven Tjeerd
Brand Chris
Byrne John
Cervone Angelo
Charles Laurent
Colangelo Leonard
Daehlen Per Otto
Dalle Stephane
Dessau David
Detappan Pado
Dietz Kevin
Evans Steve
Fahy Antoin
Green Jim
Gueu Patrick
Hackbart Daniel
Hand Peter
Huret Etienne
Klauwaert Bart
Kole Frits
Kucera Steven
Love Dorian
Ludwig Andrew
Macdonald Christian
Manu Vincent
Marshall Robert
Mendoza Nicholas
Pantera Michael
Parmar Yashwant
Phillips Nigel
Pountney John
Purcell Craig
Rasta Maluco
Rattley Robert
Raven Chris
Ray Bruce
Reichardt Christian
Sodke Kai
Steel Grant
Su Hao
Taylor Jim
Thomas Guy
Thomas Sebastian
Veganzones Miguel Angel
Virani Riaz
Wainwright Emmett
Wheeler Joseph
Wilenius Ian
Zepf Chris
Ziffer Andrea

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10 most dedicated site users of all times

1    Pete MARINARO (Pete)2    Tjeerd BOVEN (tealover)
3    Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)4    Robert MARSHALL (james bond)
5    Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)6    Melinda HOLLEY (mah)
7    Reinout BOVEN (Reinout)8    Bruce RAY (ray)
9    Laurent CHARLES (Z)10    Chris BRAND (Chris)

10 most skilled site users currently

1    Robert MARSHALL (james bond)2    Enrico AGAMENNONE (goldarrow)
3    Guy THOMAS (guy)4    Laurent CHARLES (Z)
5    Roberto PEREGO (ozf30335012)6    Mike GOLDFELD (Mike)
7    Craig PURCELL (Craig)8    Pete MARINARO (Pete)
9    Jean-François MOUGARD (Grasmou)10    Etienne HURET (Ashoka)

10 latest active site users

1    Mathieu DUNIAU (Alinea)2    Florent GARCIN (rintchu)
3    Andrea ZIFFER (AZ)4    Dorian LOVE (Dorian)
5    Tjeerd BOVEN (tealover)6    Christian MACDONALD (c-mac)
7    Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)8    Jonathan ARMOUR (Cazimo)
9    Maluco RASTA (Maluco Rasta)10    Conor KOSTICK (Conor)

Quote of the day (in English)

[Goloth's Golden Rule] Don't fear to stab. Your allies expect you to stab them, sooner or later (if they don't, then why are they playing Diplomacy, of all games?). You want to stab them before they stab you. This is fair; they want to stab you before you stab them, after all.

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