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2015-08-24 19:31:23 (GMT) : It appears that the site has run out of room. I am in the process of removing old info. It should be available soon (I hope)

GM's please be gracious with exentions to deadlines!

Any questions or problems, please feel free to send me a message.


How to play on the site

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If you have never played Diplomacy before

Only one thing to do : read the introduction page.  To go to the introduction page for the Diplomacy game

If you have never been on this site

Only one thing to do : read the introduction page.  To go to the introduction page of the site

Five last posts on the forums

2015-07-16 11:33:13 thank you Jeremie as you retire from site administration Retirement? Craig PURCELL (Craig)
2015-06-11 16:11:25 Holy_Emperor Game Start? Sifcell LENOIR (Sifcell)
2015-06-06 08:16:16 New Dip Zine PUBLISHED RE : *** Rick LEEDS (RickLeeds)
2015-05-27 02:07:04 thank you Jeremie as you retire from site administration RE : *** Jim GREEN (Gunslinger)

Adjudication or game interface test

If you have an adjudication question while playing a game, you may click 'Whatif with these orders', which is located directly above the order entry box in each game. A new window will open, showing current units for each player. You may enter hypothetical orders then click on 'Adjudicate this.' The site engine will show the adjudication result. You can try to trap the engine by submitting the most twisted cases which go through your head. This map has no units on it.    To discover this functionality
Date of latest adjudication bug corrected : 2009 07 03

You may obtain a temporary password to see how the game interface feels. With the password, you may play your chosen country in a game in progress.    To discover this functionality

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Beginner gamesJim TAYLOR (jamest)
Duel gamesPete MARINARO (Pete)
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Game startingJérémie LEFRANÇOIS (Palpatine (gming))
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Board play events

Date : In Progress! (GMT)
Place : Right here
Country : Country not found !
Name : James Bond Tournament
Comment : Robert Marshall has set up an interesting tournament. If you are a regular/reliable player, sign up now!
Link : http://

Date : March 2015 (GMT)
Place : Stabbeurfou
Country : Country not found !
Name : Steadfastness 300 Part Deux!
Comment : The Finals have begun! Check out the Game:


Good Luck to our Seven Finalists

Bruce RAY (ray)
Stephane DALLE (CtrlAltSup)
Steve EVANS (Montanist)
Guy THOMAS (guy)
Chris BRAND (Chris)
Robert MARSHALL (james bond)
Enrico AGAMENNONE (goldarrow)


Link : http://

Date : (GMT)
Place :
Country : Country not found !
Name : DWCIV is accepting bids
Comment : If you are interested in running the fourth DWC (Diplomacy World Cup) send a note to me through Stabbeurfou or email me. Bids are now being accepted. We hope to get it started up end of summer/early fall

-Pete Marinaro

Link : http://

Date : (GMT)
Place : Stabbeurfou
Country : Country not found !
Name : Duel A
Comment : Not sure which forum to use, but Duel A is an open challenge Duel Diplomacy game. For those who don't know what Duel Diplomacy is, it is a game between two players controlling three countries each, with one country neutral. The way this game will work is that the player that wants to join will pick the first country, then me, and so on until the last country standing is neutral (all units hold). If you are interested, select your first country and let me know. Thanks, Pado
Link : http://

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10 most dedicated site users of all times

1    Pete MARINARO (Pete)2    Kevin DIETZ (Grumpy Ole Man)
3    Tjeerd BOVEN (tealover)4    Robert MARSHALL (james bond)
5    Melinda HOLLEY (mah)6    Robert RATTLEY (RRattley)
7    Bruce RAY (ray)8    Laurent CHARLES (Z)
9    Reinout BOVEN (Reinout)10    Chris BRAND (Chris)

10 most skilled site users currently

1    Enrico AGAMENNONE (goldarrow)2    Robert MARSHALL (james bond)
3    Jacques MORARD (JAM)4    Guy THOMAS (guy)
5    Laurent CHARLES (Z)6    Roberto PEREGO (ozf30335012)
7    Mike GOLDFELD (Mike)8    Craig PURCELL (Craig)
9    Pete MARINARO (Pete)10    Jean-François MOUGARD (Grasmou)

10 latest active site users

1    Christophe RESSIAN (yAnn)2    Richard BOOTH (billymuggins)
3    Julian WHEELER (Jules)4    Timur HAN (timur)
5    Reinout BOVEN (Reinout)6    Théo RENARD (JeanTIK)
7    Robin GELLING (Robhin)8    David CASTEJON (anikitano)
9    Pino GINO (Yack)10    Fang ZHANG (Fang)

Quote of the day (in English)

[Rudis' Second Law] Always remember that another player may, as part of some twisted, maniacal plot, choose to misorder anyway.

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